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Addressing issues with the view of giving victims and survivors tools to overcome and become a success

Making peoples dreams become reality
Staying involve in the community through active engagement and development
Coder Dojo




Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative




We work with various partners, community organizations, and Faith Based institutions to bring solutions to critical problems in various communities . we design our programs  to inspire, sensitize, encourage and empower individuals  especially women and youths to fully embrace the potentials within them. We believe it is time for those without voices to rise at such a time as this to solve the problems in their communities.

Our Entrepreneurship program is geared towards training, mentoring, and empowering individuals to become Entrepreneurs thereby lifting them out of poverty . Our main focus is on women , children and the youths , because these groups of people have been neglected and shut out of the social, economic and political landscape and these have lead to impoverishment , hunger, poor leadership in under-developed and developing countries especially in sub Saharan Africa.

We are focus on  creating and scaling market-based innovations to stimulate inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Establishing centers for children, youths to learn computer, and coding because we believe technology, agriculture are the gateways out of poverty.

The world won’t get better by itself. We must set big goals and hold ourselves accountable every step of the way.

For us to change our situation, transform our environment, we have to learn new things and ways of addressing issues. We have to empower ourselves with knowledge incorporate it with wisdom, and exhibit great understanding. Armed with these 3 principles we can design our own destinies and fortunes in life.

We  established the Roseline Nwanoro and Louis Moore Leadership training center to provide an environment enabling individuals to learn new skills, information that will be catalyst to transforming their life and set them up to the path of success in their endeavors. “

Our goal is to establish about 307 centers across Nigeria. These centers will anchor the establishment and operation of coding clubs for children and youths. We believe that the good paying jobs of the future will be in the areas of Technology, computer and coding. We must prepare our young people for the future.

Rather than look at the challenges, we should tackle those challenges that will give the people a future and empower them to have control over their own destiny.

The intelligent man is always open to new ideas. In fact, he looks for them.”
Proverb 18 vs. 15
The Living Bible


It is important and imperative to invest in the development of individuals in a community, if a community must grow economically, socially and politically. When people are equipped with knowledge and skills, they tend to participate actively in the community and take responsibilities for it's growth and development


One of the quickest way to combat hunger and poverty is Agriculture. We understand the challenges faced by many in regards to venturing into agriculture, lack of funds, training, and know how.  Every indices we have looked points to Agriculture as the vehicle to combating hunger and poverty in developing countries.


We conduct a 12 weeks entrepreneurship training program for all ages. The Entrepreneurship program offers different module from what is an Entrepreneur? How to start a business, Pitching your ideas to investors, raising start up funds, scaling and growing your business. Proper record keeping and documentation.

We are working collaboratively with women groups, youth groups, faith groups, to address issues affecting the wellbeing of the individuals and communities. We are using this vehicle to bring about behavioral, environmental, economic and political changes that will improve the overall status of the community and her residents.

We draw on local knowledge from different groups to create solutions that are practical and effective, and creating local network of community members, empowering and integrating them to pick up interest in the happenings in their communities and participate in government and policy making.

Creating opportunities for different groups to work together, discuss arising issues of mutual concerns and benefits. It gives the people an opportunity to address matters before they get out of control. We facilitate and encourage the diverse groups to work together; this improves their ability to communicate and get a better understanding of what the government, leaders, organizations are doing. This gives them an opportunity to participate in the civil governance, and economic revitalization of the community.

Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative


Poor people, particularly poor women, in the developing world often lack access to safe places to keep their savings.  They cannot obtain credit to start businesses or to grow their businesses or farms.Our programs enhance poor people’s access to financial services such as savings accounts and credit.These programs also help small businesses access new inputs, technology and services .


Since many of the issues related to poverty and inequality globally are felt disproportionately by women, we aim to empower girls and women to participate meaningfully in the design, research and development of tools and approaches that will address this fundamental divide. Also, when women play an active role, products and solutions are more equitable and holistic.


Through our interaction and work with communities, we have discovered that it will take more than Government policies to improve or develop a people and community. Many people have lived an impoverished life for a long time and do not know any other way to live. Many of them have given up hope and the political class has weaponized hunger and poverty to keep them  under developed.

Children are a blessing to the community; they are the future; In them lie the solution to many of today’s unsolved problems. We must give them the tools to succeed.  We must invest in their development; for they will make the decisions and policies that will guide us tomorrow. If we want a great and successful tomorrow, we must create a wonderful today for the children. It is what we give them today that we will reap tomorrow.

Every child is a star, and must be allowed to shine regardless of his parents economic or social status in the society. Every child is gifted with incredible skills and talents, boy or girl, developmentally challenged or not, and we must help them find and develop those skills and talents in them. We must create platforms and spaces for them to shine, for this is their season.

That is why we are working with schools to introduce learning computer and coding in schools. We are organizing Coding clubs for kids; setting up young entrepreneur’s club to give them opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and develop problem solving skills at a very young age. We are very passionate about this .

Teach a child to choose the right path, and when he is older, he will remain upon it.
Proverb 22 vs. 8
The Living Bible


We  are establishing over 305 centers, across Nigeria so that young people can learn how to code, and have a creative outlet, that they can use to express themselves while developing their perseverance, problem-solving abilities, and logical thinking skills. It is free  and open to all  children from age 7 to 17




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We need to ensure that our children are capable of and prepared for lifelong learning and that they are equipped with the skills they need to access, analyze, evaluate, create, and participate in civic life through digital media and understanding of entrepreneurship.  This program is designed to empower and encourage children to put their imagination to work .

WHO defines community health as environmental, social, and economic resources to sustain emotional and physical wellbeing among people in ways that advance their aspirations and satisfy their needs in their unique environment.

Access to community health in the developing countries is influenced by geographic accessibility (physical distance from the service delivery point to the user), availability (proper type of care, service provider, and materials), financial accessibility (willingness and ability of users to purchase services), and acceptability (responsiveness of providers to social and cultural norms of users and their communities)

Two phenomena in developing countries have created a “medical poverty trap” for underserved communities in the Global South — the introduction of payment of deposit fees before treatment will be administered by the public and private healthcare services. Many have died due to inability to pay the requisite deposits before treatment is administered.

The private healthcare sector is being increasingly utilized by low- and middle-income communities in the Global South for conditions such as malaria, tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted infections; and the cost of health care and drugs keep increasing making it difficult for both low- and middle-income earners to chose between, eating and medications.  

Interventions with community health workers have been shown to improve access to primary healthcare and quality of care in developing countries through reduced malnutrition rates, improved maternal and child health and prevention and management of HIV/AIDS. Community health workers have also been shown to promote chronic disease management by improving the clinical outcomes of patients with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

We have partnered with a local health clinic to conduct monthly screening and wellness check for seniors and the indigent in the community. We have a memorandum of Understanding with the hospital to treat accident and emergency victims who do not readily have the initial deposit. We have committed to paying for the training of more public health workers to service the communities.  

Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative

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Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative

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Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative


Portable clean water and clean sanitary environment are key to healthy living. We are working with communities to keep their environment clean. We have embark on providing safe and clean water campaign.

For there to be a complete restoration in the communities and achievement of the SDG’s we must not neglect the power of Prayer and spirituality. In all we do there must be presence of GOD and faith in it for it to be a resounding success. It is our love of GOD and faith and hope in him that drives us to doing what we do in the communities. My believe in GOD has been the factor to our sobriety, happiness, mental wellbeing and health despite the challenges and storm we face. For in HIM we live, move and have our being, and we can do all things through CHRIST JESUS who strengthens us.

When things are not going well in the community, the church should be able to provide answers and         solutions to the world problem. People of faith should rise up to the occasion to help the community recovery from a man made or natural disaster. People of faith should be conduit of healing, hope, refreshments and restoration.

Yes many faith organization have abandoned this rich calling , and it is time we brought them back to the primary purpose which is to serve the people and help them navigate he treacherous road.

For I was hungry and you wouldn’t feed me; thirsty, and you wouldn’t give me anything to drink; a stranger, and you refused me hospitality; naked, and you wouldn’t clothe me; sick, and in prison, and you didn’t visit me.’ “Then they will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you?’ “And I will answer, ‘When you refused to help the least of these my brothers, you were refusing help to me.’
Matthew 25 vs 42-45
The Living Bible

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